Of all of our Christian t shirts, the Jesus Loves You-Morse Code shirt is the one that starts the most conversations. I personally have owned all of the shirts that Sport Your Faith makes. Well, at least the guys ones. And of all the shirts I have worn, this is the shirt that people most commonly stop me and ask, "what does your shirt say?" And it is at that very moment when the pressure is on me to let them know, "it says, Jesus loves you." Now, I could end the conversation there, but that always seems to leave an open door to ask people other related questions. You could ask them if they know that Jesus loved them. You could even simply state, "isn't that cool?" From there, it is up to them to respond. If they say yes, praise God! If they say no, you could ask, "why do you think that?" From there you can just listen and let the Spirit guide you. Either way, by sporting your faith and wearing this shirt, you might have just opened the door to one more opportunity to share the gospel, and we need as many of those as we can get!


Jesus Loves You- Morse Code- Christian T Shirt