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Our Story

Sport Your Faith started making shirt designs for fun with friends from church in 2009.
  • Spring 2010 - we hand ironed on our first shirt design;
  • Fall 2010 - we located a place to outsource our designs to and began making shirts for friends;
  • Early 2013 - after designing over 20 shirts, we officially registered our business and began taking online sales. 
Our Vision- Picture of our first Christian t shirt

For Our Christian T Shirts

We at Sport Your Faith desire to create Christian t shirts and apparel that allow Christians to express their faith, engage people in conversations about the Gospel, and even engage people without even talking. Different Christian shirts that we create have different intent behind them. Some are meant to be more fun, while others are more directly designed to engage people who read them. We offer other shirts which simply have the focus of getting God's Word out into the world. As we have been called to be the salt and light of this world, we hope to help enable Christians to meet that calling. We want to help you boldly share what you believe with the world.

For Our Christian Clothing Company

While Christian t shirts are what  our company makes predominantly, we also hope to be a tool for believers and a resource for other ministries. We hope to continue growing and expanding as the Lord provides. Christian shirts are only one means that we hope to spread the Gospel. We are hoping to become a resource to help empower people to share their faith and we also hope to begin sponsoring other like minded ministries as God grow our ministry. 

Who we are?

Sport Your Faith was created and is currently ran by Joe Edwards-Hoff. With help from family and friends we have grown into a small business. Since the first days of Sport Your Faith, we have had constant love and support from our home church, Calvary Ellensburg. Many of our designs have been inspired by the ideas from our church family. Special thanks goes out to Tim Melton, Tadd Scheffer, Aaron Blum, and Isaac Hernandez.
From The Blog
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    These shirts have a great message, they are great quality, and Sport Your Faith provides great service! We're very blessed by...

    Tony Magana- Testimonial
    Tony Magana Calvary Chapel South Spokane

    Such a Blessing

    Such a blessing to have several of Sport Your Faith's shirts. I make it a point to wear my "Not Ashamed" shirt every time I participate in a...

    Tadd Scheffer- Testimonial
    Tadd Scheffer Calvary Ellensburg
  • Great Ice Breakers

    I love these shirts! They are great ice breakers for opening the door to share my faith in Christ.

    Right On

    Sport Your Faith is awesome guys and their shirts are right on. We bought a bunch of shirts for our church and used them...

    Tom Morris
    Tom Morris Calvary Selah